Unique Red Wine Stain Eater

With a name like Unique, it had better be different, and it is! The Unique brand was developed in the late 80’s with the simple goal of making products that are safe, but still work.  What does safe mean? Essentially Unique cleaners will not harm you, your kids, your pets, or the surfaces that you are cleaning.  They accomplish this through magic! No, really it’s through science by speeding up the natural process of biodegradation.

The Wine stain eater is easy to use and will get out so much more than red wine.  You can use it on any surface that will not be water damaged, and it can also take out grease stains, soda spills, coffee, Kool-aid, and lots more! You simply spray it on the stain, cover it with a warm, damp, white towel and let it sit overnight.

This is really one of those “must-have” products that anyone who loves red wine needs.  But it is also a lifesaver for those with kids, or pets who tend to spill things.  It is also an essential for those of us (like the one writing this blog) who are a bit clutzy.

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