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$50 for assembly, delivery and removal of your old grill:
anywhere in San Francisco and Marin County! (Restrictions apply)

Weber Genesis II E-310 LP Grill
($799.00 · sku 8016684
Item# 61011001)

Weber Genesis II E-310 NG Grill
($799.00 · sku 8016676
Item# 66011001)

Weber Genesis II E-410 LP Gas Grill
($999.00 · sku 8016668
Item# 62011001)

Weber Genesis II SE-335 NG Grill
($999.00 · sku 8016649
Item# 66016201)

Weber Genesis II E-410 EG Grill
($999.00 · sku 8016672
Item# 67011001)

Genesis II S-335 LP Grill
($999.00 · sku 8016686
Item# 61006001)

Genesis II S-335  Natural Gas Grill
($1049.00, sku 8016683,

Item# 66006001)

Genesis II S-435 LP Gas Grill
($1129.00, sku 8016636

Item# 62014001)

Genesis II S435 Natural Gas Grill
($1249.00,sku 8016661

Item# 67006001)

Genesis II  S-335 SS LP Grill
Stainless Steel
($999.00 – sku 8016686
Item# 61006001)

Genesis II  S-345 SS LP Grill
Stainless Steel
($1249.00 – sku 8016636
Item# 62006001)

Genesis II  S-435 SS NG Grill
Stainless Steel
($1249.00 – sku 8016661
Item# 67006001)

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