Human hummingbird feeder? No fooling!

(Hummer Ring in action courtesy of The Hummer Ring website)

We know, that this is April 1, but this is no April fools. 

We have always loved hummingbirds.  Then when we watched a certain episode of a certain car show that our boss wouldn’t want us to mention (*cough, The Grand Tour Columbian episode, cough*) we thought “hmmm, how do I become a human hummingbird feeder?”   Enter this super cool product called the Hummer Ring and it does allow you to hand feed hummingbirds.  The best part is that we now have them in stock (the rings, not the birds)!  We have not tried putting it in our mouths like the guys from Grand Tour, but we are pretty stoked at the opportunity to get up close to these amazing birds. Check out their website for more info and other cool photos, or stop by and see for yourself.

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