Air Plants and Planters

We are happy to be carrying air plants (Tillandsia) now!  Did you know that air plants are actually native to the Americas ranging from the Louisiana swamp (where they are represented by the iconic Spanish moss) to the high Andes and the barren Chihuahuan desert.  These plants live in such a wide variety of places that it actually takes work to kill them.  They require minimal care and can literally live anywhere you can.  Like all plants they dispose of carbon dioxide and give off oxygen and depending on the type of plant most of them feed off of the dust in the air.  So this little plant is hardy, releases oxygen, and removes dust from your home or office, no wonder that they seem to be popping up everywhere.  Our supplier can get us special orders of air plants within two days, so stop by and if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask.

We also have air plant planters from both Easy Tiger and Blobs.  These are great for whimsical displays and won’t choke your air plant like more conventional terrariums will.

For more info on basic air plant care check out our air plant Pinterest board

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