Bottled water

We know that water in single-use plastic is a big deal. We also know that everything has a time and a place. So we are switching from the bottled water that we used to donate for charity events (that was produced by a certain corporation that has some pretty ambiguous ethics) to our own Ace branded drinking water! Why not get rid of it all together you ask? Good Question. The simple truth is that sometimes you need bottled water. We donate cases of water for charity runs, School fun-runs, and the occasional volunteer work party. We also carry it, because we live in one of the most geologically active areas in the world. Every single one of us needs an emergency kit that contains enough water for at least 4 days if not longer. We encourage people to use water tanks, or other reusable items (We can order what we don’t carry for you) but we also know that some people just don’t have that kind of space and bottled water can literally be a lifesaver for them. Oh, and that empty single-use bottle? It’s only single-use if you only use it once. Did you know that empty plastic bottles can be used to: grow a vertical garden, water plants when you are on vacation, be made into ice packs, can store paint, Can be made into a house (no really check this out) plus so much more. So in conclusion, we want everyone to have a Kleen Kanteen or a S’well bottle for water, but if you need water for charity or emergency we have you covered for that as well. Also if you have a charity event that you need bottled water for, please contact us here.

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